NACOS and Domineum Blockchain to Educate Nigerian Students on Emerging Tech
October 10, 2022
October 10, 2022

Kelly Cromley

NACOS has teamed with Domineum Blockchain Solutions to educate over one hundred thousand Nigerian students in computing on disruptive and emerging technologies. The Nigeria Association of Computing Students (NACOS), the umbrella organization for students studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Software Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering,

Cyber Security, and all other IT-related disciplines in all Higher Institutions of Learning in Nigeria, and Domineum BlockChain Solutions, a Distributed Ledger Technology Company offering Blockchain-as-a-service solutions, with headquarters in London, United Kingdom, will collaborate on a Blockchain-as-a-service competition.

NACOS National President Comr. Chihurumnanya Nwanevu GCCS announced the national initiative at a press conference on Friday, 7 October, stating, “The 23rd NACOS National Executive Council’s primary mission is to equip computing students in Nigeria with adequate IT skills, as they will go on to solve real-world problems with technology and add technological value to every sector of the Nigerian economy.”

Mr. Geoffrey Weli-Wosu, Chief Executive Officer of Domineum Blockchain Solutions, stated: “The NACOS / DOMINEUM relationship is a strategic engagement that will bring about major change for all Nigerian students enrolled in computer-related postsecondary programs. It is of the utmost importance to engage in and assist Nigeria’s youth by providing them with the resources, contacts, and chances they need to succeed.”

NACOS’s primary objective is to provide Nigerian youths with the digital literacy and skills essential to assist Nigeria’s transition to a digital economy. As an organization having Local Chapters in each of Nigeria’s 36 States, NACOS aspires to teach more students in rural regions to acquire digital literacy, emphasizing technology and innovation in the same manner as internationally developed nations, hence bringing about the country’s prosperity.

NACOS and Domineum urge ICT Stakeholders to promote the development of new skill acquisition programs that would enable Nigerian youngsters to become ICT professionals of international caliber.

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