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LONDON, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Super-Five, the next-generation trading platform, announced today, that its customers can now benefit from an upgraded cryptocurrency selection.

The news from the brand comes at a period when the overall sentiment for the Crypto market is positive than ever, and altcoins are outperforming large-cap tokens such as Bitcoin or Ether.

With this announcement from Super-Five, Cryptocurrency traders can acknowledge they are able to benefit from a tailor-made trading experience at a time of increased market activity. Following it’s other latest announcements, Super-Five keeps providing its customers with constant stimulation and exciting features and offers.

Selection of Cryptocurrencies

In order to provide its customers with the most adapted Crypto trading environment, super-five.com is now supporting 30+ cryptocurrency instruments, denominated in USDT, ETH, or BTC. Alongside other demanded tokens such as Ether, Bitcoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and XRP, customers working with the platform now also have access to small altcoins like ARK, OMG, GNO, XEM, IOT, ETC, and REP.

As liquidity is significant to crypto enthusiasts, Super-Five now offers better scope to a larger, more versatile selection of crypto instruments. This ensures that customers have the chance to get involved in all different aspects and niches of the crypto market, which is gaining more and more popularity, in each given day.

Super-Five keeps an eye close on the market, in order to keep updated with the latest developments and trends, by doing so, Super-Five can ensure it delivers the most coveted selection of tokens and keeps on improving the selection with coordination to the customer demands.

Since altcoins had a major contribution to the rising broad market valuation, Super-Five is aware that customers need easy access to a wider and better range of cryptocurrencies selection, and it ensures by giving the most optimal conditions to all of its customers.

Super Five promises to always be one step ahead in the market and to ultimately deliver the most diversified offers, and constantly adding new tokens, alongside other advanced features.

About Super Five

Super-Five is a cryptocurrency trading platform that enables access to the crypto market for traders all around the world. Via a proprietary platform, compatible with any device, the brand makes cryptocurrency trading available for anyone, and from any geographical location.

For customers working with Super Five can trade crypto 7 days a week in optimal conditions and benefit from 24/6 client support service via phone or email.

Relying on next-generation technologies, Super-Five aims to provide the most advanced environment in order to tackle any challenge that might arise when trading cryptocurrencies.

Trading with Super-Five means access to a broad cryptocurrency coverage, flexible and competitive trading costs, alongside easy and simple account opening. There is no minimum amount required to start trading and all clients will get access to the same trading account.

As Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and Litecoin, alongside altcoins like Tron, Stellar, Neo, or Cardano are posting great performances in 2020, trading with Super-Five is the ultimate way of experiencing the ever-developing crypto market, in its full potential.



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