Police in Saskatchewan relayed their February numbers for the latest SGI Traffic Safety Spotlight. The statistics were shared in addition to a news release stating how new drivers struggled with provincial limits for both drugs and alcohol. 

Saskatchewan police were certainly kept busy in February. Calls that stuck out included 449 impaired driving offences, resulting in 171 Criminal Code charges and 278 administrative suspensions. Police also gave out 440 tickets for distracted driving, 372 of which were responsible for using a cellphone. 245 tickets were issued for not wearing a seatbelt, that including people not properly restraining children in the vehicle. Finally, a whopping 3,694 tickets were given out for extreme driving offenses like speeding and other types of aggressive action behind the wheel.

Taking extra care at intersections was the main focus for SGI in the month of February. In addition to increased awareness, things like driving to the road conditions, being alert to distractions, maintaining a safe following distance, and respecting speed limits are all key tips to keep you, and your vehicle safe from a collision.

While April’s focus has yet to be revealed, March was Fraud Prevention Month. Check out some of the most notable examples of fraud in the province in the related articles section below. 

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