Jake Vaadeland and the Sturgeon River Boys are gearing up to deliver an unforgettable performance at the Estevan Legion next Tuesday, April 23, as part of the Estevan Arts Council’s concert series. As anticipation builds for the upcoming show, Jake Vaadeland himself sheds light on what attendees can expect. Listen to his full interview from SUN 102 below!

“We always try to put on the absolute best show that we can,” says Vaadeland, describing their blend of bluegrass, rockabilly, and old-time country. But for Vaadeland and his bandmates, it’s not just about the music—it’s about creating an immersive experience. From meticulously chosen suits to a stage setup that enhances the visual and auditory aspects of their performance, every detail contributes to the overall atmosphere.

The name “Sturgeon River boys” itself holds significance, reflecting Vaadeland’s upbringing and musical heritage. He shared, “I know a lot of the bluegrass country bands that I grew up listening to always have names for their backup bands… I figured I’d go with the tradition and call them the Sturgeon River boys.”  Vaadeland credits his bandmates from Prince Albert as exceptional talents contributing to their cohesive sound. 

The Estevan Arts Council presents Jake Vaadeland with the Sturgeon River Boys on Tuesday, April 23, at the Estevan Royal Canadian Legion. With their unique blend of music, stage presence, and heartfelt storytelling, attendees are in for an evening of authentic bluegrass entertainment that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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