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How To Make Money When The Cryptocurrency Market Is Tanking


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The crypto marketplace experienced one of it’s worst times in history using a nearly 50% one-day drop in the price of bitcoin. Economic uncertainties from the coronavirus pandemic and liquidity crunches have generated massive selloffs of others along with bitcoin cryptocurrencies. Devi platforms and altcoins are experiencing similar issues. Not all hope is lost. A recession similar to this presents tax-saving opportunities that are unique, especially in the cryptocurrency space. A lesson in the tax code might help you save thousands — or more — when your 2020 taxes file.

The crypto market experienced among its days with a nearly 50% one-day drop in the purchase price of bitcoin in history. Uncertainties from liquidity crunches and the pandemic have generated massive selloffs of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. Defi platforms and altcoins are currently having similar problems as well. Not all hope is lost. A recession similar to this presents tax-saving opportunities, particularly in the space. A brief lesson from the tax code might help you to save thousands — or even more — if you file your 2020 taxes.

Crypto Losses Are Not Realized Until You Sell

It is extremely important to know that, asserting losses for tax purposes is much different than having a reduction in your portfolio. In most cases, the tax code just lets you subtract realized losses.

Almost all of your positions are likely in the red. For taxation purposes, you can not subtract only a reduction in the market value of the positions because they’re unrealized. When you sell your position, these losses become accomplished and you can deduct the losses in your taxes.

For example, let us say David bought 1 bitcoin (BTC) at $10,000 on January 15, 2020. On March 11, 2020, the purchase price of BTC drops to $3,000. In financial terms, he has lost $7,000 value of value. But from a tax perspective, although he has lost $ 7,000 worth of value, this loss has not been attained by him because he hasn’t sold the position yet. If he were to keep this position without selling, he would NOT be able to subtract any losses for tax purposes regardless of having a financial loss.

Tax Loss Harvesting Is Vital

Converting losses into losses that are accomplished allows a deduction to be got by David when he documents his 2020 taxes. To realize his losses, he simply has to sell his positions that are at a loss. He also has an option to buy back to the same positions at a much lower cost (without undermining the ability to deduct losses) because wash sale rules are not related to cryptocurrencies under current advice. Some tax software helps you harvest tax losses.

Look out for Margin Liquidation Tax

Recognizing some of your losses is super important to cancel capital gains arising from margin liquidations. If you are a margin trader, your initial margin has likely been liquidated because of large swings. Even minor market changes might result in capital gains taxes and can cause liquidations if you are trading on high leverage.

On February 10, 2020, assume Jennet deposited 1 BTC for instance, once the cost of BTC was $ 9,000. This BTC was initially obtained by her in 2010. She places the leverage to become 5X, therefore, her notional purchasing electricity is 5 BTC (1 BTC x 5) or $45,000 ($9,000 x 5). Let’s say Jennet goes long on ether together with her notional value of $45,000. At 5X leverage, if the $45,000 position goes down by 20% (notional value down to $36,000) her first 1 BTC deposit will be redeemed from the trade.

Assuming the BTC cost is $9,000 at the time of the liquidation, she would end up having to pay taxes on $8,000 ($9,000 – $1,000) of capital profits. That is a tricky scenario despite losing her investment, where capital gains are owed taxation by Jennet.

Loss Carryforwards To Offset Future Taxes

In your tax return, you can maintain a maximum of $ 3,000 of capital losses under the tax code. The fantastic news is that losses over $3,000 can be carried forward indefinitely to future decades. These losses can be used to offset gains arising from crypto and stock trades. To get the advantage of this provision you need to realize your losses as clarified previously.

Knowing these tips and executing them will be able to help once you register for taxes you get significant tax relief. For the most part, the taxation code just cares about your own realized losses, not your actual world loss in economic value. Use this to your advantage to reduce your taxes.

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