• Harmony blockchain has partnered with Suterusu, a blockchain privacy specialist, to incorporate new privacy features. 
  • The partnership will add ZCash-level privacy to the Harmony protocol.

Harmony, an open blockchain infrastructure, hazs recently announced that it will be working with Suterusu to incorporate new privacy features on its blockchain. Suterusu is a well-known blockchain privacy specialist. 

cThe partnership is expected to add ZCash-level privacy to the Harmony protocol via trustless zk-SNARKs integration. Suterusu provides privacy protection services for major blockchains already. It will bring anonymous payments and confidential transactions to the Harmony network by establishing a privacy-preserving layer-2 protocol on top of Harmony blockchain.

A fully transparent layer-2 privacy-preserving of Harmony will help in facilitating DeFi and other decentralized applications more efficiently. The Harmony team noted:

We believe this kind of partnership will expand our ecosystem and enable better occupancy for confidential assets. The future of privacy is already here but unevenly distributed. This partnership comes to support our fundamental goals to be achieved within 2020, as outlined within the Harmony 2020 Roadmap, and includes: cross-border utility, decentralized development, and auditable privacy.


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