Crypto specialists attend blockchain conferences to meet opinion leaders, find investors for their projects, grow their network and discuss important trends. These goals are much easier to reach during a chamber event with specially selected guests than at a huge summit with an immense number of unfamiliar busy attendees. As a result, private afterparties and side events are an essential part of big crypto conferences. Consensus, the famous crypto-event hosted by CoinDesk will have one such exclusive side-event —  ‘Fireflies Party’ on September 19, 2018.

Main Events vs. Side Events: What to Choose?  

Consensus is a widely recognized, top blockchain technology summit. It attracts opinion leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and project owners from all across the crypto industry. During every Consensus, many significant side-events take place.

Afterparties and side-events quite often turn out to be more beneficial, as participants have an opportunity to communicate and operate in smaller groups and contact the right people directly in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. This opportunity is especially noted at private side-events which is off bounds to random people. Their organizers guarantee the absence of scammers and pitchers by handpicking the attendees based on the received event applications or by directly inviting interesting community members. Because of such a thoughtful approach, many important partnerships are forged and deals are made in such parties. 

There is an emerging trend in the crypto-community where those interested in the blockchain and crypto industry visit cities hosting big conferences. However, they are not interested in attending the main event. Instead, they seek to attend the private side events or afterparties for the elite to meet certain people and participate in more efficient closed networking. 

Private Party at a Unique Location

The “Fireflies” Party, on the sidelines of the Consensus blockchain conference in Singapore, will be held on September 19 and organized by Byzantium and the co-founders of The event will allow leaders and great achievers of the blockchain industry to connect with the best. 

Those interested in attending the Fireflies Party have to apply on the website. The guests will be selected by the organizers after going through all the applications. Those selected will receive an invite to the party, and the hosts’ special attention. The guest line up already includes the likes of Hartej Singh Sawhney – cofounder and president of Hosho, Tom Howard – partner at Taureon Capital, and Ran Neu-Ner — founder and CEO of Onchain Capital. 

The event will include networking, entertainment programs, hors-d’oeuvre, and drinks. Attendees will enjoy the Fireflies Party in an absolutely unique location. It will take place in a 1920’s heritage bungalow, surrounded by beautiful leafy gardens, centrally located and 200 meters close to the fashionable Orchard Road shopping strip, making Fireflies Party one of the most anticipated side-events during Consensus Conference. 

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