With the further maturity of the blockchain technology, the innovation of distributed ledger, consensus mechanism, smart contract and other technologies has quickly attracted high attention in the global science and technology field. As the infrastructure in this field, the Public-Chain has always been a hot topic in this field. The emergence of the new Public-Chain provides new solutions for decentralization, scalability, security and other aspects.

As a new generation Public-Chain protocol, CCDS allows sending any type of data between any consensus users. Through the combination of blockchain and distributed storage technology with smart contracts, create a trusted distributed business environment with transparent information and high-speed value transmission, and achieve a good cycle operation for individuals, businesses, enterprises, etc.

Adhering to the concept of “consensus, co creation and sharing”, CCDS actively explores the use of blockchain technology to improve the multi value transmission and contribution distribution system. In terms of technological innovation, CCDS has divided six basic models: Data layer, Network layer, Consensus layer, Incentive layer, Contract layer and Application layer. In terms of efficiency and convenience, the asset issuance process has been improved and improved, making the issuance more safe, convenient, efficient and flexible.

In the CCDS ecological planning, we will build a decentralized autonomous community organization around the layout of the meta universe scene, with DAO community autonomy as the core.

  • Metauniverse: a new world of free communication

The ultimate ecological planning of CCDS’s meta universe is to build a new world of free communication, social interaction and entertainment scenes, and the meta universe governance is led by community members. Community members can also establish their own modules through the CCDS meta universe, and each early participant has enough support to build blockchain innovation projects.

  • DAO: realize decentralized governance

CCDS will build a digital economy ecological community, reshape the credit system and improve the efficiency of digital economic activities by taking advantage of the tamper proof and open and transparent advantages of blockchain technology. Under the incentive mechanism, we will achieve an efficient self-management mode and guide the development of DAO community.

  • NFT: digital identification

CCDS will issue digital identity in the form of NFT, and the holders of digital identity can process any type of assets through the blockchain network, and allow community members and other distributed organization members to support digital identity holders, so as to promote the value expression of all digital identity holders.

The overall layout of CCDS in the future is divided into three stages. Through these three stages, the physical organization will be linked with the blockchain token economy, and with its own advantages, it will bring users the explosive dividend of the subsequent ecological synergy effect.

As a decentralized DAO ecosystem supported by a strong Public-Chain network, CCDS was officially launched on October 31! Contract address: 0xBFd48CC239bC7e7cd5AD9F9630319F9b59e0B9e1. CCDS will take the flow consensus as the essence of the top-level business logic, realize the effective linkage between internal and external capital, digital ecology and value ecology, enable the real integration of real business and digital market, and become the leader of the future digital world economic development!