Fantom and Dogecoin holders rush to secure free NFT during Avorak AI ICO

The world of NFTs is growing daily, with apparel brands joining the field to secure a significant market share in the Web3 ecology. Fantom and Dogecoin holders have showcased massive interests in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offered in the ecosystem of an emerging AI-powered technology, Avorak AI. Do Fantom and Dogecoin stand a chance against Avorak AI?

What is Fantom?

Fantom is classified as a decentralized smart contracting platform that offers an alternative to Ethereum. The platform allows developers to deploy smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), and virtual assets like NFTs. Fantom went live on the mainnet in December 2019 to provide scalability, decentralization, and, most importantly, security.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency designed and developed in December 2013. The project was launched as a meme coin offering peer-to-peer and open-source transactions. The Meme coin has attracted a massive cult-like following of crypto enthusiasts, speculators, and public figures. In fact, Tesla and SpaceX Founder Elon Musk has openly endorsed the project on Twitter.

Fantom and Dogecoin Price Prediction 

For the longest time, Fantom has pitched itself as a faster network than its competitors. Fantom’s FTM price history indicated the token started selling for $0.017 and has moved on a roller coaster. DOGE has also been in a frenzy with Elon Musk changing the Twitter Logo to Dogecoin’s logo.

Both coins are expected to reach their respective all-time highs in the next bull run in 2024.

Avorak AI ICO

Avorak AI is positioning itself for success as one of the most anticipated Artificial Intelligence cryptocurrencies in the market because of its competitive advantages. Businesses and private persons can access comprehensive AI tools that distinguish them from other AI providers on the market thanks to their first-to-market strategy, user-friendly platform, affordability, and utilization of blockchain technology.

The platform employed by Avorak AI has many intuitive features specially built for not tech-savvy clients, making it easily accessible. The sophisticated AI platform is currently in its ICO stage and is expected to sell out quickly.

Automated Trading

There are a lot of trading APIs or bots that are configured to function with a specific asset class or exchange. Some need code-based command entering, which makes them challenging for non-power users, and some have deficient levels of security, as evidenced by recent API key leaks.

Avorak AI handles all these issues with intuitive UI, UX, and one-click tools for novice traders.

Avorak AI Trade

Text Generation

Most text-generating AI uses internet scraping to generate language or gather information on the topic. One of its key drawbacks is the possibility of replication or plagiarism with this technology. 

With the goal of auto-correcting and amending any text before it is displayed to the user searching, Avorak AI will combine internet scraping with a prewritten language bank, integrate plagiarism-detecting APIs, and combine all these techniques. This will guarantee that using Avorak AI is clean and plagiarism-free.

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