Cougar sightings in Muenster and nearby locales –

A cougar was sighted along the trail tracks in the village of Muenster on May 29 at approximately 7:40 pm. A pedestrian reported the cougar wandered off the train tracks near the Range Road at the west end of the community. 

There have been recent cougar sightings in and around Bruno and unconfirmed sightings on Highway 20 south of Humboldt.  

Saskatchewan Environment notes that cougars once ranged across the prairies but were displaced to more remote mountain regions as settlement advanced. Over the past two decades they have been expanding their range eastward and are recolonizing much of their former range. 

The first rule in the event of a cougar sighting is to attempt to keep your distance, but do not run. In the case of a closer contact, make sure it knows you are not potential prey – do not run. Stand up, make yourself look big, shout loudly and throw something to distract the animal. Back away to a safe distance and maintain eye contact. 

For more details on cougars in the prairie environment, click here.  

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