The Alberta Government has announced added educational supports for students in Grade 1 across the province. $10 million will be allocated towards improving foundational math and literacy in schools across the province.  

“Alberta’s government is building on last year’s success, where we helped at-risk students catch up to their peers by more than half a year’s worth of learning. We are taking action to prevent future challenges for our youngest learners, who are in the critical years of their development,” said Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education. 

Based on research and feedback provided by teachers and parents, it has been determined by the provincial government that students in Grade 1 are experiencing challenges in their reading and math skills as a result of learning disruptions in Kindergarten and Preschool.   

School authorities will be able to tailor programs to each student’s specific needs. They may hire additional teachers and educations assistance to provide further supports for students.  

The $10 million is part of the government’s commitment to provide $110 million over the next three years for students experiencing academic and mental health challenges due to the pandemic.  

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