Ripple’s arm Xpring has brought another glory to the crypto ecosystem as it is classified among the top ideas changing the world to a better place. Meanwhile, XRP price is 8% up.

Ripple’s commercial arm Xpring brought a new light to the crypto-system after an acknowledgment that categorizes it amid top ideas of altering the world to a better place. Meanwhile, XRP price has jumped over 8% within the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, the coin is trading at $0.22.

On April 28, the Fast Company got to announce winners of the World Changing Ideas Awards 2020, and gave honor to businesses, projects and organizations around the globe that are revitalizing world.

There were 3,000 applications filed, that represents an all-time record, and 26 winners were selected while 200 companies/projects made it as finalists.

Fast Company Honoring Xpring

Still, Ripple’s Xpring didn’t succeed to win and get to the finalist lists. However, it got featured in the more than 500 companies that were also handed distinguished mention. That is why, some agree, Xpring deserves to be praised. This represents the second time in a row that Ripple initiative is getting the honorable mention.

The world’s leading business media brand Fast Company honored Xpring between other initiatives. As per explanation, Ripple’s Xpring grants users “swift, effective and seamless payment services with a low transaction fee that makes life easy for people especially in the developing parts of the world.”

The winners and finalists were selected after the companies were severely audited by a group of distinguished panelists. The winners and finalists were chosen from different sectors like activism, education, politics, philanthropy, entrepreneurship and venture capital among others.

World Changing Ideas Awards

The ‘World Changing Ideas Awards’ was established and kick-started back in 2017 and since then Ripple’s Xpring has received honorable recognition twice.

Meanwhile, as announced by Ripple Xpring’s Product Manager Warren Anderson, all developers who build XRP products can submit their progress and reveal it to the whole XRP community.

According to the official announcement, a new content series dubbed Developer Reflections will be launched by Xpring next week. This series will,as per the statement, “strive to highlight some of the work done by the growing open-source XRP community.”

New Version of XRP Ledger

Anderson added that products and applications that spark interest from this campaign will be showcased on the Xpring Blog. So, developers from all over the world have a chance to acquaint the XRP community with their products.

The Xpring platform is, as per its statement, “continually active in building and strengthening its community of developers around XRP technologies and Ripple’s products.” Three months ago, Xpring launched a new developers’ forum. More recently, XRP deployed a new version of its ledger, XRP Ledger v1.5.0.

We already wrote that Ripple’s Xpring rolls out smart features to XRP Ledger. The announcement came through Ripple’s commercial arm Xpring, as the new versions are aimed at improving its services. Besides, the XRP Ledger Devnet has developed these two versions 1.5.0 and 1.6.0-b1, with sponsorship from Xpring.

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