Wise Telecom And Sollensys Partner to Offer Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity Solution
March 12, 2022
March 12, 2022

Kelly Cromley

WISE TELECOM, an IT solutions firm having expertise in hardware, software, and innovative technologies for government, telecommunications, and key industries in Mexico, revealed a decisive reseller contract with one among the foremost top cyber security enterprises, Sollensys Corp (OTCQB:SOLS), having expertise in ransom ware recovery created on blockchain technology.

This comes on the heels of Sollensys’ latest revelation of its entry into Puerto Rico, and indicates an attempt to form new alliances with current IT administered service providers to enable faster implementation of Sollensys technology during this time of increasing demand.

Ernesto Zamudio, CEO of WISE TELECOM, remarked, “Ransomware is a major issue across the globe,” As the world’s finest reliable file archiving solution, Sollensys has reinvented blockchain technology. An effective malware incident may now be promptly recovered from the blockchain archive of Sollensys to ensure that our clients have an irrefutable copy of all of their content, including video. “In the event of a breach or calamity, our customers can rest easy knowing that their material is safe and protected thanks to blockchain technology.”

Sollensys starts by protecting a replica of the digitized intellectual property and transactional data that hackers are most interested in stealing and corrupting. Sollensys was created to guarantee that corporations and organizations dont pay ransoms and that their enterprises may continue promptly by ensuring that an unchangeable and untarnished copy of their information is kept safe and sound.

The CEO of Sollensys Corp., Don Beavers, stated that “Sollensys’ objective is to develop a firm that keeps the world secure by providing a malware safety net, which is turning out to be extremely important every day. For Sollensys, Wise Telecom has the knowledge, staff and framework to help them grow into Mexico’s rapidly expanding market. We are ecstatic about the prospect of working with this company.”

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