As the ICO market continues to mature, investors are becoming savvier and less likely to invest in projects without thorough research. This has caused many to focus on projects with a proven track record that will be viable in the long term.

One such project is Oryen, which has seen its market value increase by 110% since it began phase 3 of its project. This level of confidence in the project makes it one of the top ten altcoins to buy in 2022. Thus, appealing to investors who want to ensure their money is well spent.

Oryen’s Fast Pace Against Other Crypto Projects

Oryen’s price surge indicates that investors are looking for an alternative way to earn rewards from their crypto assets. The Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) provides an easy and convenient way for users to earn rebase rewards from their Oryen tokens.

Oryen’s unique approach is based on a protocol called OAT, which offers the holder of the ORY token an automatic staking and compounding interest feature. Users who buy ORY automatically get staked and are qualified to receive rebase rewards, making it the easiest auto-staking in DeFi. The appeal to investors of this technology was demonstrated when ORY gained 110% in profits for their ICO investors.

The recent listing has driven the price surge of ORY tokens on Business2Community as the list of top DeFi tokens for 2022. The main reason for this price rise is what investors and traders see as a good investment opportunity. This opportunity comes from investors earning up to 110% ROI on their initial investment after purchasing ORY tokens during the ICO sale period.

The project offers a fixed yield of 0.177% daily, which makes it one of the highest rates currently available on the market. Additionally, holders who hold ORY tokens can earn 90% annually on their holdings through compounding interest.

All-in-One Network

The Oryen ICO is a game-changer for the cryptocurrency industry. With its unique and innovative approach to the blockchain, it is poised to take the world by storm.

Oryen’s team has developed an ecosystem allowing users to trade assets on the blockchain easily and securely. The network is built on top of Binance’s smart chain, which was developed by one of the most successful exchanges in history. It is also fully audited by SolidProof based on industry standards.


The Oryen Community is currently in its third presale/ICO phase, and one can expect the project to surpass and outperform other crypto projects. Oryen has made several advancements in the DeFi space and has gained traction from top crypto investors and DeFi holders. Overall, this crypto project is worth following as many developments are still to come.

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