Latoken Review 2019: Today we will review Latoken exchange because users usually prefer those exchanges for trading which provide them with best facilities and where users feel that they are completely secure and safe to trade the digital assets. Users sometimes face issues like scams, fraud, etc. on the exchange platform.

So before choosing any exchange platform for trading purposes, the crypto users need to know about a particular exchange. Keeping in view all these things, I am going to explore the Latoken exchange and through our review, users will be able to decide whether this platform fulfills their needs or not.

Our Latoken exchange review will consist of the following points:

  1. Latoken exchange overview
  2. Latoken payment methods
  3. Supported countries and currencies
  4. Latoken Security
  5. Latoken fee structure
  6. Is it safe or not
  7. Latoken pros and cons
  8. Latoken customer support

Let’s discuss these points about Latoken review 2019 one by one.

1: Latoken Exchange Overview

Latoken is a blockchain exchange and platform for trading cryptocurrencies including BTC and other altcoins. The exchange platform was launched in the year 2019 and the founder of the exchange is Valentin Preobrazhensky. The exchange is basically an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange which is the only country with a crypto exchange in Baltics.

Latoken exchange has its own native token available on the platform for users.

The crypto exchange provides the easiest way to access money and buy or sell digital assets all over the world. Latoken exchange has the following option for users on its platform:

  • Buy or Sell currency
  • Invest
  • Fundraise or tokenize
  • Transfer money

2 : Latoken Deposit Methods

The payment method which is used in the Latoken exchange is the Credit/Debit deposit method. The users can use their credit card during the transactions and deposits.

The Wire transfer or Paypal method is not permitted on this crypto exchange.

3 : Latoken Supported Currencies

The list of supported digital cryptocurrencies on the Latoken exchange platform is 80. The exchange is providing 145 trading pairs for these digital assets. The prominent pairs are LA pairs, BTC pairs, ETH pairs, and USDT pairs. Users from USA are allowed with USD Tether.

The popular digital assets which are supported on this platform are Bitcoin, Tether, Tron, Stellar, Ethereum, and some other altcoins. The base currency of the exchange is LA which is the native token of the crypto exchange.

Latoken exchange is not currently supporting any fiat currency trading.

4 : Latoken Supported Countries

The main supported countries on the Latoken platform are Australia, UK, USA, Belgium, New Zealand, People’s Republic of China, Switzerland, and some others.

There are almost 300,000 registered users on the Latoken exchange.

The crypto exchange does not allow users from countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Yemen.

5 : Latoken Fee Structure

The exchange has mentioned only trading fee charges. No deposit charges are shown on the exchange platform. The trading fee for pairs in LA is 0.05% while the fee for all the other pairs is set at 0.1%. Crypto Exchange updates the withdrawal fees on the basis of blockchain and market conditions.

6 : Latoken Security

The Latoken exchange provides various security features to users on its platform. Followings are the security features provided by the crypto exchange:

  • Encrypted keys
  • Password security
  • Secure storage
  • Data Transmission and DDOS Protection
  • 2FA Verification

The detail is given on the Latoken official Website:

7 : Latoken Pros and Cons

There is not even a single exchange platform in the cryptocurrency world which is perfect. Every exchange has some advantages and disadvantages. The main pros and cons of the exchange are given below.


  • Latoken platform is a multi-asset trading platform providing users not only the facility of buying or selling assets but also users can invest and fundraise on this platform.
  • Many coins are listed on this exchange platform along with its native token.
  • It is a nice trading platform based on the DAG technology.
  • Crypto exchange also has the 4-layer transaction security system. It also contains Two-Factor Authentication which permits users to verify login by using a mobile app.


  • Trading fees are not clearly defined. Trading fees are only given for LA pairs. No deposit fees are mentioned.
  • It does not support fiat currency trading.
  • Exchange does not involve the trading of Ethereum for Bitcoin and vice versa.

8 : Latoken Customer Support

Exchange provides the 24/7 service for users and customers’ support. If users seek any information they can contact the support team of the Latoken exchange. They can also visit the official email address of the exchange [email protected] for further details. Apart from this, the exchange also has an official group in Telegram messenger.

9 : Latoken Safe or Not

Exchange is providing the security platform for the sake of users’ safe trading. But some of the users still have negative thoughts about the exchange. And their reviews show that there may find some scams in the platform. With the exchange strong security system, it does not seem that it can happen. However, users should remain cautious while trading on this platform.


The Latoken crypto exchange is a unique project and is listed among the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform is focusing on its further development and is trying to expand its resources. The review of the exchange reveals that it is providing the support of several digital coins which is the basic demand of the users and customers. We are also able to find in our review that it has got a proper security system with 2-FA which fulfills the security requirements of the users. The exchange is trying to improve its imperfections which will make it more attractive.

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