Online dating has evolved rapidly over the past few years with the next generation preferring to meet online through dating sites. But most of the dating sites are too good to be real, with almost no one using their real photos, which raises the trust factor issues. It is good if you just want to have some fun but when it comes to finding true love, then dating apps are a big “NO-NO.” Now to help the dating apps industry to regain their image of trust, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence are joining hands to pull the dating app industry back to its original aura.

What will be the impact of blockchain on dating apps?

Blockchain has already disrupted some of the important sectors of business, starting from finance to insurance to healthcare to logistics, etc. Now dating app industry is also eyeing blockchain technology to undergo a massive transformation by reaping the manifold benefits that the decentralized technology brings in. Since blockchain technology associates itself with transparency, it makes it easier for dating apps to verify the users’ actual identities. In fact, to make it even better, blockchain creates strong incentives for those users who add more details to their profiles to undergo a prompter verification process. Blockchain impacts dating apps in the following ways.

More improved matches

By integrating blockchain and artificial intelligence into dating apps, the users will be able to experience more improved matches. Instead of just relying on the pictures for calculating the compatibility ratios, blockchain uses other parameters also to assess the compatibility ratio of a pair.


The most important thing of incorporating blockchain in the dating apps is the transparency, that the DLT (distributed ledger technology) of blockchain brings in. Since it is a decentralized system, there are no prying eyes of any centralized authorities on the users. All of the information that the users share on the platform are open to view by other users. This allows each user to see how he is rated by others so that he can improve upon areas that others think he would improve in.

Eliminates identity thefts

Blockchain eliminates the risks of identity thefts and extortion. There are thousands of cases reported about how these social media platforms are used to extort money and victimize innocent people.

Improved security

Blockchain can solve security issues by using public-key cryptography. This is similar to the digital signatures on the Bitcoin transactions. With the help of cryptographic keys, profiles can be verified before they appear on the dating sites. This would make dating apps a much safer place to find love.

A way to earn

Nowadays, dating sites are not just a place to find your soul mates. In fact, now with the implementation of blockchain and artificial intelligence, you can also play the part of a matchmaker and earn subsequently in cryptocurrencies. Some sites pay you $10 if you can successfully make a match and both of them like each other. Even some pay you something around $1,000 if the match that you have made, end up marrying each other.

How blockchain will boost or help Security measures in dating apps

Dating apps contain confidential data that are always vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Installing a mere anti-virus in your smartphones cannot always ensure the security of these confidential data. This is where Blockchain plays a more pivotal role. In a blockchain, the transactions take place between two people and the information is stored in each block. Each of the blocks is connected to one other through a chain network. Therefore, it becomes impossible to bring any kind of modifications in the data, because everyone can see and access all the information stored in the blocks.

Moreover, all the DNS entries are stored in the Blockchain that gives full control to the app owners all over the domain records. Therefore, there cannot be any tampering or manipulation of entries. The Blockchain also provides private key encryption that enhances the security protocols of the apps.

Apps using blockchain technology

Some of the apps that use blockchain technology are briefly discussed hereunder.


This is one of the promising dating sites to date that uses blockchain and AI. It uses smart contracts of blockchain technology to verify the users’ ID thereby removing fake profiles from the dating sites. This eliminates fraudulent activities, that are quite common in the mainstream dating apps. The AI comes across as a personal relationship manager named Viola to guide the users about the site’s features.


This is a decentralized dating platform that uses blockchain to let users meet the love of their life. In this site, users have the liberty to transfer their Stars to their wallet or their preferred charities.


This is yet another AI and blockchain-driven dating site that helps you to find your perfect match based on compatibility ratios. It also uses smart contracts of blockchain and makes use of its own crypto tokens for app purchases and other transactions.

Therefore, Blockchain and artificial intelligence make a picture-perfect relationship. Through the inherent attribute of decentralization, blockchain addresses each of the issues of the existing mainstream dating app industries.

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