To honour its 10th birthday, a group of artists from around the world are putting on an art exhibition exploring the cultural impact of Bitcoin. The “Art (r)Evolution” event will take place during the last week of September and first week of October in Paris, France.

Art (r)Evolution Exhibition to Explore Crypto Use Cases

The Art (r)Evolution exhibition will feature work from a number of artists who are interested in how cryptocurrency can impact the art world, as well as finance and wider society in general.

The event will be held in Paris between September 28 and October 5. All the works include QR codes to allow those in attendance to buy them using digital currency. Those supported include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and Monero. One of the artists and organiser of the exhibition, Pascal Boyart, spoke to TheNextWeb about Art (r)Evolution:

“We had the idea to organise an exhibition in Paris to show possible use cases of cryptocurrencies and connect the international crypto-friendly artists.”

Boyart went on to tell the publication that he believes that France could become the central hub of a new artistic movement that explores the relationship between art and digital currencies. He is also optimistic about the potentially world-changing impact of crypto:

“The advent of cryptocurrencies is not just a monetary revolution, it’s also a cultural revolution.”

As well as the opportunity to buy the works using digital currency, the artists themselves have been tasked with hiding Bitcoin private keys in the works. These prizes can be won by anyone in attendance who has a keen enough eye.

The artists displaying their work in the exhibition will include: Andy Bauch, Coin Artist, Nanu Berks, Saint Phall Yom, Illies Issiakhem, Josephine Bellini, Yosh, Mark Bern, Choq, and You. The event is completely open to the public and anyone in the area is encouraged to come down to enjoy the art work on display.

This is not the first time that artists have been inspired by cryptocurrency. NewsBTC has previously featured a report about artist Lincoln Townley and his exhibition of works. Interestingly, the LA-based Townley was only prepared to sell his works using digital currency payments.

Earlier still this year, we also ran the story of a Slovenian sculptor’s homage to Bitcoin. During the report, the Parisian street artist Ludo was also mentioned for his grandiose murals depicting the rise of Bitcoin following the death of fiat currency.

As unexpected as it might seem, it appears some corners of the art world are keen to embrace the idea of digital currencies.

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