A company by the name Alive Casino is taking the gambling experience to a whole new level. The platform provides players with a blockchain platform that uses VR technology for gambling.

Based in Costa Rica, Alive Entertainment Company is the first company to provide games using VR technology. The platform gives users an opportunity to play games on a land-based casino by giving them a 360-degree view of games with full control through Virtual Reality. With its exclusive private token sale going on, Alive Casino is in the process of selling 15% of its AL tokens to raise the necessary funds for platform development. The AL tokens have their value set at $0.015 per unit, which can be purchased against payment in ETH.

While Alive Casino hasn’t set a minimum limit for token purchase, there is a maximum cap of 75 ETH in place for each buyer. In addition, the token sale participants contributing 1 ETH or more also stand to receive a 15% bonus along with a chance to win HTC VIVE VR headset.

The Project

The Alive Casino project is based on the principles of “keeping things alive.” It intends to create a living, thriving and secure gaming alternative for gambling enthusiasts. Having set a clear vision, the platform, empowered by a highly capable team is working on implementing them in a step-by-step process. Divided into short-term and long-term vision, Alive will be focusing on the following

In the short-term:

  • Creating strategic partnerships that can help implement a global gaming environment, complete with games, analytics, customer support, etc.
  • Community building, by onboarding like-minded gamers, crypto-experts and enthusiasts.
  • Constant research and development to introduce new features and further improve existing offerings.
  • Creating its own VR game titles

In the long-term:

  • Develop a fully decentralized platform, with solid end-to-end in-house capabilities.
  • Building strong brand awareness, identity, and awareness to gain a strong foothold in the $423 billion industry which is expected to surpass $636 billion by 2022.
  • Constant upgrade to Alive Blockchain network, making rapid micro transactions feasible and much more economical. To be achieved by making AL token, a cross-platform cryptocurrency.

The VR enabled Alive Casino platform will host games within a 3D environment having a 360-degree view and highly interactive games. In addition to VR, it will also include an integrated social networking system and blockchain based secure payment system.

With the use of blockchain technology, Alive Casino will be able to bring in high levels of transparency, security, and automation, while surpassing the geographical constraints currently faced by many players in the gambling industry. The use of certified RNGs and eventual integration with blockchain will also contribute towards the creation of a truly accessible platform with transparency and accountability which is highly in-demand within the gambling community.


The AL token is based on ERC20 standards, and it acts as a utility token fueling the platform’s economy as well as the blockchain functions. As more people join Alive Casino, the use of AL is set to rise, creating demand and increased liquidity. As an incentive to those contributing towards its mission, Alive Casino will have a profit distribution process in place, where 40% of the profits will be shared with token holders. To receive payouts, token holders must store ALs in Alive Hold Wallet.

The platform will maintain the demand for AL in the market by burning 5% of the token revenues every three months.

Those interested in possession of AL tokens can do so by participating the in the ongoing token sale process. In order to ensure global participation, the platform has made the whole process easier. Participants can directly send ETH from their wallets to the smart contract. The sale is also open for US residents, and the address used to send ETH will be considered for the selection of HTC VIVE VR headset winners during the private sale, which will be decided based on a random draw once 75 ETH is raised during the exclusive private sale.

Transferring funds to the platform has been made possible through Alive multi wallet system. The wallets will be personal, as per user’s preferences and more secure since everything will be done on the blockchain. The multi wallet system will also come in handy in helping users store both fiat and multiple cryptocurrencies. It will also protect the users from any untoward circumstances which might affect the platform itself as they will have their balances saved within their own wallet and not on the platform.

Alive Casino has the development roadmap ready, which is available on its website. Based on it, the development of interactive online casino is set to start in Q3 2018 alongside the private sale. Following the launch of the prototype, the main ICO is set to being in the upcoming quarter. AL will be listed on exchanges in Q1 2019.

Alive Casino approach in the gaming industry is taking the gambling industry to the next level, and through blockchain the opportunities available are endless. To know more about the project and token sale, visit https://aliveplaycasino.com/.

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