CryptoMode Altcoins All-time High

Every cryptocurrency asset on the market goes through its ups and downs. Reaching an all-time high is exciting, but it can take a while to bounce back from a significant market correction. The following prominent coins are, according to CryptoRank, the furthest away from reaching their all-time high. 

Verge (XVG)

It has been a wild ride for Verge, as this privacy coin still tries to gain a bigger audience. It still ranks 103rd of all crypto assets by market cap, which is interesting for a coin that is down by 97.4% from its all-time high. Currently valued at $0.00733, reaching the all-time high of $0.279 seems rather unlikely, unless something big changes all of a sudden. 

There are still plenty of users who enjoy trading XVG under the current circumstances. It is a currency that can move up and down a lot, making it appealing to speculators. It is also a currency that has 98.74% of its maximum supply in circulation, thus inflation is far less of an issue compared to other altcoins. 

Nano (NANO)

Not that long ago, Nano used to be on a lot of people’s radar. That is still the case today, considering how it has spot 77 in the market cap rankings. Every individual NANO is valued at $1.34 right now, compared to an all-time high of $37.62. Overcoming this 96.4% gap to the all-time high will not be easy by any means.

Behind the scenes of Nano, there are still some interesting developments taking place. The update to Athena will make running a network node a lot smoother. Developments like these don’t just strengthen the network, but also offer quality of life improvements to community members. 

Siacoin (SC)

Crypto Twitter has been abuzz with some excitement pertaining to Siacoin in the past few days. A recent price change offers a glimpse of hope. Overcoming the 96.1% deficit to the SC all-time high of $0.111 is virtually impossible. Not because the network isn’t viable, but it seems as if the overall vision isn’t catching on these days. 

The big question is what can be done to change the momentum. Community members and developers are still working on the project to make it more attractive. Keeping that in mind, it could be a matter of time until a major breakout occurs. The recent 13% price increase may be a sign of what is yet to come. 


When altcoins set a new all-time high under bullish conditions, the subsequent downfall tends to be very steep. In the case of NEM, there is a major gap waiting to be overcome. Currently, every XEM is valued at $0.0973. A decent value, but the all-time high in 2018 was $2.04. 

Bridging the 95.2% gap to that all-time high will pose its own set of challenges and roadblocks. There is still plenty of momentum behind the scenes, as a new supply chain tracking tool was unveiled not that long ago. What all of this means for the value of the native token, is a different matter. Technological success doesn’t always mean token value appreciation.

Lisk (LSK)

Not too long ago, it became apparent that Lisk has a lot of development activity. In theory, this should warrant a higher value compared to the current LSK price. However, things hardly ever work out that way in the cryptocurrency world. Currently, LSK is down 95.2% compared to its all-time high. This creates a very steep gap to overcome.

This current price doesn’t necessarily reflect the value of the overall blockchain infrastructure project. The Lisk Builders program has attracted a lot of attention from coders who feel they can contribute to the overall ecosystem. As long as development continues, the price has a chance to start moving up again eventually. 

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