Unstoppable Trend of AI

In recent times, AI has emerged as a monumental force, with NVIDIA’s market value reaching new heights and approaching an astounding $3 trillion. This surge has driven a wave of investors to dive into the AI sector. Among these opportunities, Web3 AI stands out as a particularly enticing concept, blending the power of AI with the decentralized potential of blockchain technology. Within this realm, CharacterX has surfaced as a newly discovered gem, capturing the attention of many.

CharacterX, the top decentralized AI social platform, announces its recent accolades at the Solana Hackathon, securing a Global Honorable Mention among the top 8% and a Top 3 finish in the Asian region. These awards are a testament to its commitment to pioneering a robust AI social infrastructure within the Web3 ecosystem, facilitating the mass public’s engagement in the AI social economy.

As a leader in decentralized synthetic social networks, CharacterX now boasts over 5 million registered users, with an average engagement time of 52 minutes per day, making it the most popular web3 AI application today. It is a project you CANNOT MISS in the crypto AI market. 

Originated by Stanford founders and a proud participant of the Stanford Blockchain Accelerator, CharacterX team combines deep expertise in AI applications, social networking, and global market expansion. Its recent expansions include more experts from Stanford, Caltech, Harvard, Meta fundamental AI labs, AI & Human Labs, and leading Solana technicians, positioning it to advance its long-term building of infrastructure for an AI social network and economic system

Check out more info at characterx.ai.

CharacterX is dedicated to creating a democratized AI economy that enriches social interactions and fosters value creation across the board. The project started in September 2023 as a social platform for users to create, interact, and form teams with AI characters, quickly attracting millions with its innovative features.

Moving forward, the team is expected to enhance its AI social network with SDIDs and introduce:

  • AI Clubs: User-driven decentralized organizations that encourage community building around AI entities.
  • AI Social Launchpad: A marketplace for investing in AI characters and trading AI-derivative assets.
  • Enhanced AI Social Tools: Advanced tools for creating AI based on users’ social profiles, as well as AI-driven social tools such as AI quest platform for partner projects etc.

These fun features are coming one by one in the next few months, and are expected to attract the next millions of users to its innovative and engaging social features. During the process, it plans to educate the massive users to get onboard with crypto wallets and trading, to naturally form a large community that understands the value of decentralized AI in the new phase of human-AI society.

With a huge user network including both real-life social networks and synthetic networks, in the long term, CharacterX’s vision is to establish a comprehensive SDID-backed social infrastructure and ecosystem that simplifies access to synthetic social experiences, enabling both AI and human participants to autonomously generate value and share in the ecosystem’s economic outcomes.

CharacterX is transforming the future social network and social economy in the face of a new “synthetic society” where AIs and humans coexist. The underlying system is the innovation of SDID.

1. SDID: Building the Decentralized Foundation for AI “Soul Network”

At CharacterX, lying at the heart of its technology is the innovation with SDID–-AI’s synthetic DID system, or, in CharacterX communities’s preferred fun term, “soul network” for AI characters and human users.

SDID utilizes Solana Token Extensions to empower every AI character with a unique digital soul. This groundbreaking approach allows each AI to manage its vital assets autonomously—including AI data, relationship assets, and economic assets—and facilitates deep governance and economic connections between AIs and human users.

More specifically, CharacterX’s Solana Token Extensions-based program serves as a dynamic configuration factory for on-chain AI characters. By employing self-custodial wallets, AI characters deploy unique SDID instances on the blockchain, which enable interactions throughout the Solana ecosystem. These AIs generate configurations through program-derived addresses (PDAs) on our smart contracts, minting AI SDIDs using Solana’s Token22 standard. This standard’s metadata extension encapsulates detailed character attributes, storing the AI’s core AI modules, social assets and economic assets within derived PDAs—thus allowing the AI to issue its own tokens, NFTs, or deploy programs, sharing revenues with its token holders.

In the long term, SDID is designed for the broader infrastructure for decentralized AI social economy; but taking a closer look, all its extensions are carefully designed to enhance capability in terms of a community-driven, collaborative and democratic system surrounding each AI character. In other words, with SDID, each AI character itself is a mini synthetic organization for co-creation, co-governance, and co-profits.

2. SDID-Based AI Characters: Enabling Co-Creation, Co-Governance, and Co-Profits for the Massive Public

CharacterX emphasizes AI characters that support not only experienced creators in their initial setups like most centralized AI platforms, but also enable personalized interactions and collective training and governance with larger groups of users, fostering a community truly oriented towards co-creation, co-governance, and co-profit. 

First, users can use CharacterX’s creator tools (prompt generator, fine-tuning tools, profile image training, voice clone, etc.) to initialize AI characters.

Then, when individual users are interacting with certain AI characters, they unknowingly set up and update their own personal settings with the AI characters, forming personal memories to be compressed and stored independently if they decide to own them. 

Finally and most significantly, CharacterX allows collective training and co-governance of AI characters to foster AI evolution over time. Core members surrounding an AI character—creators, core friends with high intimacy level, shareholders, ect.—together form a board committee to make important decisions on AI characters’ long-term development. In terms of the character’s AI performs, the committee together selects and updates data assets for the character, such as its collective memories, knowledge graph, ect., to make the character more powerful.

But the committee is more than that. It also helps make economic decisions and share long-term profits out of the character they collectively raise.

3. AI Club and Board Committee: the Decentralized Organization Behind Each AI Character

In the SDID system, CharacterX allows users to form several layers of relationship with the AI character: common friends, intimate friends, shareholder, creator/boss

  • Common friends: anyone interacting with the AI character
  • Intimate friends: people with a high intimacy level with the AI character
  • Shareholder: people investing in the AI character 
  • Creator/Boss: the creator or owner (through trading) of the AI character

Eventually, all the relationships will be tokenized and capitalized in terms of “shares” —the management and profit-sharing rights of each character. By becoming shareholders, users can not share revenues generated by AI characters, but significant holders can also vote to decide on how exactly to split or use profits. Moreover, as mentioned above, they can also manage the characters’ upgrades to make sure it keeps growing. In addition, shares themselves are tradable. 

In this way, even for common people who are not AI experts, they can participate in the AI social economy by holding shares and even joining the board committee. To hold shares, users can even buy them directly or earn them through intimacy levels. Once holding a certain amount (or specially allowed by the existing board), the user becomes a new board member, and can vote to make important decisions. 

But of course, even for non-shareholders, the AI club’s door is always open. Each AI character will soon have their own AI club (in June), allowing all its friends to engage in not only AI-to-human but human-to-human and even AI-to-AI social interactions. All the data, activities, and potential feedback from the club help the AI grow. Also, as CharacterX team plans, soon meme communities, partnership projects and KOLs will all have their AI spokespersons and co-thrive in their diverse AI clubs.

4. Building the SDID Network as a Backbone for AI Social Ecosystem

Looking ahead, CharacterX is set to establish a comprehensive SDID network that leverages the data network effects and introduces a variety of decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing its social AI tooling. Initially leveraging Arweave for cost-effective, large-scale data storage, these data are referenced via URLs on-chain, facilitating broad accessibility across various blockchain ecosystems. This strategy not only optimizes costs but also positions SDID for expansive cross-chain operability, enhancing CharacrerX AI’s versatility across the digital landscape.

These technological advancements form the bedrock of CharacterX’s mission to reshape social interactions, enabling a seamless and enriched digital society where humans and AIs can interact, grow, and prosper together.

A Project Not to Miss
AI is rapidly gaining popularity in the current cryptocurrency market, and CharacterX is shaping up to be a monumental project. The market has witnessed its exceptional data growth since September 2023, backed by a strong team and advanced strategic planning. Although CharacterX has just finished its preseason phase, it is still in the early stages. Members have the opportunity to get involved early by participating in the minting of SDID V1.0.

The SDID V1.0 mint is ongoing with airdrops for early members. And it is reported that Official Season1 is soon ahead. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/unlocksdid

Again, with its strong momentum, this is a AI + social project not to miss for this bull cycle.

CharacterX links:
Website: https://characterx.ai/

Android: https://bit.ly/DownloadCX_Android

IOS: http://bit.ly/DownloadCX_IOS

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharacterXAI

Discord: https://discord.gg/characterxai

Telegram: https://t.me/CharacterX_Group

Medium: https://medium.com/@CharacterXAI