As we approach Q4 of 2018, blockchain technology is still among the top headlines, despite a rather rocky year for the cryptocurrency and ICO markets. Though it has recently seen some challenges within the greater market, blockchain technology remains a highly anticipated transformational technology that has the ability to impact every industry on multiple levels.

A recent study raised previous estimates of the total value of the blockchain industry from $16 billion to $60 billion. A lot of this anticipated growth comes from established institutions incorporating blockchain services and solutions, as well as from innovative startups that are using blockchain to tokenize everything from real assets to unique token ecosystems and economies.

With this growth has come a large variety of new startups and technologies. While it’s impossible to capture all of the high-potential and promising startups, we have selected 10 companies that have the momentum, backing and teams to make an impact as soon as Q4 of this year.

  1. Buddy

Buddy wants to turn miners into mini data centers by creating a decentralized cloud-hosting platform. Using their existing development-automation solution for developers, they want to add logic to the mining hardware and, together with miners, create an alternative to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft cloud offerings.

The idea is that, with more services competing for miners’ computing power, Buddy will help push the whole crypto industry forward while disrupting the web-hosting market. With a working product already in place, Q4 looks like a breakthrough stretch for Buddy.

  1. PLAYnetwork

PLAYnetwork is a new, future-focused blockchain protocol bridging the physical and digital worlds of play. It hopes to become the first to truly make blockchain usable for everyone. Using blockchain to link physical toys to digital assets, the platform allows toy owners to customize their toys with attributes, collectible value and the ability to load toys with exclusive, limited-quantity assets.

The company hopes to do this by seamlessly assigning digital attributes to physical toys and collectibles, connecting gamers, developers and intellectual property owners under one ecosystem. Beyond toys, any physical object can be abstracted into a digital layer with PLAY, and can then be appraised, enhanced, auctioned or traded across people, companies, and industries.

  1. Navibration

 Navibration Experiences is the world’s first social network of audio-guided tours built on blockchain technology, where content is created by the users: experts in cities, writers, translators, speakers, reviewers, and travelers will have a place on the platform.

Each new tour created will be available for sale and be controlled by smart contracts to ensure transparency, proper incentives, and user engagement. With a working MVP, the initial development of Navibration Experiences has been backed by the government of Spain, and the company behind the idea has patented its innovative vibration-based navigation system.

  1. ReChain

ReChain is a mobile platform that relies on the performance and security of blockchain technology to help secure their data and be rewarded for sharing it with brands and publishers within the first true loyalty ecosystem. Users will receive points that they can redeem for things like concert tickets, movies, and products – and even use to support causes in their area and around the world.

With partnerships already in place to reach tens of millions of users, ReChain will focus on making sure their users get offers they want for actions they already perform while providing insights to brands and publishers that allow them to provide true personalization. An easy-to-understand rewards landscape that is transparent and beneficial to all parties is a win-win for everyone.


DACONOMY enables every company, organization, and individual to offer, buy and exchange data, and get insights and additional revenues. The Germany-based company is backed by the Schober Information Group, which brings over 70 years’ experience in the data industry.

DACONOMY will solve some of the data industry’s biggest issues, such as trust, data control and usage, evaluation of data and P2P data exchange. The company will launch with over 30 million data records already secured and aims to be the first platform in the market that turns data into a freely tradable asset.


PATRON initially made headlines as one of the largest Japanese ICOs of the year, with $40 million raised. Since completion of their ICO, PATRON has built an international team to develop and launch both in Asia and in Western markets.

Their influencer-marketing platform optimizes the way brands, fans and influencers connect. In Q3, the company partnered with a handful of Instagram celebrities, such as Sanaa Lathan, to not only validate the model but show their intention to execute globally. Keep an eye out for PATRON in Q4 on your Instagram feed and in the news as the platform launches for fans globally.

  1. eLocations

Real estate is a trillion dollar market. A big part of it is the commercial real estate in prime shopping locations. Commissions for agents can be millions of dollars. But at the moment, transactions are opaque and done manually. That is why eLocations created the world’s largest listing portal for commercial real estate.

Apple, Allianz AG, and other big players are already using eLocations to find prime store locations. With strong accolades from retailers, brokers, landlords and more, eLocations is primed to disrupt the commercial real estate market. Keep an eye out for their smart lease contracts, which will bring transparency to the space.

  1. OPP Open WiFi

OPP Open WiFi has experienced rapid growth, already recruiting over 75,000 HotSpot Hosts that will help bring WiFi to the masses. The innovative project will reward hosts for their unused data within their P2P tokenized ecosystem.

The result will mean more WiFi access points for underserved people globally – the first of its kind. The company aims to reach 25 million hosts globally and is projected to hit 1 million downloads by the end of 2019. Keep an eye out for OPP as they ramp up in Q4. To learn more about how to be a host or contribute, visit their website.

  1. iTrue

iTrue is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform with a built-in system for user authentication with biometrics and unmatched privacy controls. iTrue empowers enterprises and developers to build secure, stable and extensible applications. Businesses and individual users can earn rewards for participating in the data economy and decentralized app marketplace.

The project combines the advantages of blockchain and databases, which results in fast processing speeds, unlimited data capacity and a robust search capability unmatched by any blockchain solution today. The international team is currently embarking on a pre-sale, which will allow participation from interested parties to support the project.

  1. BHired

BHired is at its core both a data-monetization concept and an innovative recruiting platform that will disrupt the way recruiters, candidates and companies work together. Using blockchain technology, the BHired ecosystem will incentivize and reward accurate and timely participation in the hiring process, while making the process more efficient.

Reputation and status will also be rewarded, ensuring quality and transparency for all stakeholders on the platform. The company will be offering a token sale in Q4, which can be accessed on their website, to help build and launch their global platform.



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