Ripple (XRP) exhibited a bearish movement over the last 30 days. Unlike many of its peers, it got down by a huge 6.06% in this period. It currently trades at $0.2167. It is likely to breach the first resistance by the end of this week.

Ripple Price Prediction

XRP coin was being traded at $0.2907 on December 09 and over the next 9 days, it lost 22.93% value to find itself at $0.1778, the lowest for the month. It was followed by an upsurge to the extent of 10.74% between December 18 & 30. This swing added $0.0191 to the value and placed Ripple price at $0.1969. Towards the beginning of 2020, the currency started strengthening and it could add $0.0248 to push the XRP price to $0.2223 by January 07.

XRP News

A similar pattern can be noticed on the market cap front as well. On December 09, the market cap was 9.758 billion USD. At the time of writing, it stands at 9.353 billion USD.

Ripple’s next few days of journey are likely to stay bullish as per the current trend. It may touch the next resistance at $0.221853 in the upcoming days. In the medium-term, Ripple coin may find a rally that could push the price to new heights. Investors are advised to take advantage of intraday ups and downs for fetching decent returns.

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