The just concluded second edition of Consensus held in Singapore proved to be successful for organizers. Since it was a melting pot for diverse blockchain influencers, investors and star-ups it was only fitting for social amenity providers outside the conference to supply fast means of payment and many ended up using PundiX PoS to expedite payment.

More than 8,000 individuals attended the event organized by CoinDesk and TechXLR8 Asia and sponsored by more than 50 companies. Further asserting the theme, more than 90 speakers graced the event. The general theme of the conference was to “growing global demand for specialized content and enhanced networking opportunities to satisfy the ever-growing appetite for development of the blockchain-related markets”.

The Path Towards Mass Adoption

Much has been talked about cryptocurrency with the majority holding the coin for speculation purposes. However, for the coin to be a main stay, there should be a shift from profit making to actual use and that’s what PundiX is driving for. Through the use of portable point of sale devices relying on the NEM blockchain, the gadget allows retailers to settle payments using any of the 15 cryptocurrencies supported. This not only spurs mass adoption but is surely a step in the right direction now that holding or coin reservation demand is low due to dropping crypto prices.

PundiX recently announced they will begin shipping 4,000 point of sale devices to several stores in SE Asia and Europe. Besides, the start up has received more than 500 individual orders from 31 countries.

In order to allow daily use of crypto, PundiX POS enables a bi-direction transaction the device facilitates crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto conversions via special API, Xplugin that connects directly to the NEM blockchain. NEM blockchain has various applications in finance and utilizes the ideas of public and private chains which PundiX make use of. Once connected to the ledger, users can thereafter link up with their digital wallets and even issue special smart contract requests. This way, users can at any time settle single or multiple cryptocurrency transactions faster and safely through the NEM blockchain at these point of sale terminals.

Overly, PundiX is a mix between advanced inventory management and in-built exchange capabilities. And in-order to make crypto payments simple, cost effective and secure for the buyer, PundiX POS employs several multi-card reader capabilities and end-to end, layer to layer encryption complete with a display and a keypad. The gadget is light weight and it’s android OS is specifically designed for blockchain application. To bode well with regulatory demands, PundiX is has a camera making it possible for retail stores to take photos in case of KYC demands.

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