If you have yet to hear about Toon Finance, you are reading the right article. This project has completed its stage one presale with over 4 million dollars in proceeds. It is also one of the most searched coins on CoinMarketCap.com. From all indications, Toon Fiance is the biggest presale of the year, and this is just the beginning. 

The token is going into the second phase of its presale to give investors another chance to cash in on this opportunity.

But what exactly is Toon Finance, and what is all the buzz about? This article will take a non-nonsense dive into Toon Finance and all its features. As well as getting into the project, we recommend that you pay attention to its key highlights and benefits. All of these will help you make the right decision.

If you are judging by popular demand, investing in Toon Finance is the right decision. It is an on-demand coin on major coin review sites, including CoinMarketCap.com and has received massive publicity from both local and international news outlets. At the end of their first presale phase, they sold over 3 MIL USD worth of tokens and are set for the second stage.

However, one cannot wonder if it is all hype. Let’s find out. Brace yourself. We will discuss Toon Finance in this independent review article on Toon Finance.



The Toonie Takeover

The first thing that got our attention is the rise of crypto enthusiasts massively pushing out Toon Finance to the world. These fans have read the whitepaper, interacted with the developers and are convinced by what they’ve learnt and seen that Toon Finance is a great project that everyone should get involved in. You can tell by their massive publicity and great support for the project. This massive support explains why the project raised millions of dollars from its first presale stage.

Now, we are expiring what many are calling the Toonie Takeover. Toon Finance is taking over the crypto place with its good features. Some of these features are already nearly complete such as the DEX Swap. For those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency terms, DEX means decentralized exchange. It is a form of exchange platform where parties exchange their assets without needing a go-between.

Another feature of the Toon Finance Coin project is that it is a meme coin. It joins the stable of other great meme coins, such as Dogecoin and Shibu Inu. Many experts say that Toon Finance will become as big as these other outstanding meme coins and even more prominent. Some Toonie fans even say Toon Finance can be as big as popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

This prediction seems far-fetched to us, so we did some research on meme coins in general. The underlying knowledge will help us put Toon Finance in the proper perspective and see whether these claims have a valid basis.



Toon Finance as the new face of Memecoins

Memecoins function like the regular cryptocurrency that we are familiar with. These include established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the critical difference is that meme coins serve primarily as a community token. The community members use the meme coins to pay for goods and services. They also use it to reward others who promote the ideals of the community.

The main standout feature of meme coins is that they are designed to go viral. So while other cryptocurrencies have slow releases, Meme coins start with an enormous supply. The idea is to circulate as many meme coins as possible to promote adoption. Once a suitable amount of the population begins to invest in the coin, it becomes an excellent means of payment for goods and services.

Everyone knows that cryptocurrency has many benefits over traditional payments such as cash payments, bank transfers and credit cards. However, the low supply and slow transaction times of many well-known coins have slowed adoption for regular payment. Memecoins overcome this restriction due to their ample supply and fast transaction times.

Furthermore, as the meme coin grows in popularity, it will be acceptable in virtually all parts of the world. Every country with a Toonie fan, for instance, would have a service provider or business willing to receive Toon Finance tokens as a means of payment. So those who enjoy traveling will not need to have different currencies in their wallet. Toon Finance Coin is the only currency they need to pay a payment for the things they need.


What makes Toon Finance the #1 Memecoin ICO

Memecoin is a product of cryptographic mining. To mine meme coins, the miner must have a working computer, a stable internet connection and a powerful graphics card. The process is similar to mining gold in that you exert effort to create something valuable. In return for mining, you get new meme tokens. You can invest those tokens, sell them or stake them to secure a network.

Many people now make a living from mining meme coins. They are typically easier to mine, and the rewards are usually massive. However, if you want to make it big as a meme coin miner, you will need a powerful computer and an efficient graphics card. The more robust your mining setup is, the more meme coins you will get for your mining efforts.

Why would anyone devote their resources to mining meme coins? Well, it is because of the many benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits of mining meme coins and meme coins in general.


  • Efficiency: Memecoins are more efficient for payment than traditional bank transfers. The need for an efficient payment system cannot be overstated in our global economy, where people do business with individuals and businesses that do not reside in their location or country. Meme coins like Toon Finance allow individuals and businesses to make transactions across borders without switching currencies or using a centralized payment portal. The payment goes directly from the sender to the receiver without any middleman. The process is also speedy and cheap.


  • Support for solid projects: When people mine meme coins, they support the project. By mining, they tell others they have faith in the project. No one wants a useless token. So when they set up computers to mine, they indirectly say the project is worth the investment.


  • Passive income: Setting up a mining computer costs money. However, the rewards from mining meme coins are often more than the cost. As such, it is a great way to earn passive income. All you need is the proper setup and sufficient knowledge of how to set up the configurations. Once you’ve set everything up, the software will take over, and you can begin to smile at the bank.

Toon Finance as the new face of NFTs

Following our research into Toon Finance and its successful first presale stage, we discovered some unique features that make it worthy of investment. One of these is their forthcoming NFT project. It is one of the biggest highlights of the project and promises excellent potential to digital creators, users and investors.

The exciting thing is that Toon Finance gives out free NFTs to their community members. We were surprised to hear this, as NFTs are very valuable. Some of them sold for millions and tens of millions. However, our findings show that Toon Finance is a community-driven project. They prioritize their members and constantly seek ways to reward their most active members.

The current plan of Toon Finance is to give out an NFT collection free of charge to the first Toonie members to join their community. These free NFTs will be part of the scheduled ICO drops and can quickly become one of the biggest things of 2022. The best part is that you don’t need to go through any complicated process to get the free NFTs. Sign up with your ETH address, and you will share in the NFT airdrop.



What is the big deal about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs have become a buzzword lately, but people must fully understand their concept. We are going to break it down into simple terms. We will also provide an overview of the rise of NFT so you can know why the community is going gaga over Toon Finance NFT.

NFT refers to unique digital assets that another asset cannot replace. Regardless of how similar two NFTs appear, they will always be distinct and irreplaceable.

Take, for instance, a one-dollar bill. Another one-dollar bill can replace this one-dollar bull; you have the same thing. However, NFTs are like artworks. You cannot replace one artwork without another artwork. Even if you have two similar networks, one is a copy while the other is a Nigerian.

NFTs are not exactly new. People have been creating NFTs for a while. However, they became famous when they became a feature of the cryptocurrency market. If you follow the crypto news closely, you will hear stories of NFTs that are sold for millions of dollars. The explosive growth of NFTs in crypto has forced many to pay attention to their potential.

NFTs are one of the most common applications of blockchain technology, but they are perhaps the most popular. Owning an NFT is like owning a piece of art. Depending on who created the art, the story behind it and the people you market to, you can sell your NFT for hundreds or even thousands of USD.

There are many use cases for NFTs. You can use them to represent digital artwork while they can then be traded like regular pieces of artwork. You can also use them to represent the ownership of in-game items. There is also an increasing use of NFTs to represent real estate. We are talking about real estate in the metaverse and even real estate in the physical world. The possibilities are endless.

As people become more comfortable interacting and transacting business online, NFTs will play a significant role in identification and transactions. Already, there is the phenomenon of NFT profile pictures. These profile pictures allow people to brand themselves the way they want in digital circles. You also have NFT assets, such as real estate, that people rent out to earn passive income. So far, most NFTs have been launched on the Ethereum blockchain. It is also this blockchain the developers are building Toon Finance on.

There are so many benefits to Toonie NFTs. Here are some of the top benefits that have made them very popular.


  • Investment opportunities: NFTs provide a fun way for people to invest in digital assets. Unlike cryptocurrencies, basically digital money backed by blockchain technology, NFTs are rare artworks. They have value in themselves based on their dollar value and sentimental value to the owner. Many people consider NFTs to be collectables rather than traditional investment instruments.


  • Scarcity: NFTs are very scarce. They often come in limited collections. For instance, Toon Finance NFTs are rare. Once they complete the collection launch, you cannot add any new NFTs to that collection. And since they are verifiable on the blockchain, it is impossible to make a fake copy. People can always trace the NFTs on the blockchain to see which is the original and which is a copy. The original will always command more value than the counterfeited version.


  • Monetization of digital content: Aside from their financial and sentimental value, NFTs can also be used by digital creators. In this case, the artist or creation can sell an NFT version of their artwork for money. However, this is related to more than just the artwork. Even content creators can enter the NFT space without knowing anything about graphic design. Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, recently sold a tweet as NFT for millions of dollars.


Make the smart move: Join the second phase of the Toon Finance Presale

Toon Finance is the hottest coin on the block right now. The project has blazed through the first phase of its presale and is stirring up the meme coin community. Getting involved is easy. All you need is your investment fund and a multi-coin crypto wallet.

You can get the recommended wallet on the official website of Toon Finance. Once you’ve set up the wallet, transfer some ETH into it and swap it for TFT coins on the Toon Finance Buy Page.

Specify the amount in ETH that you would use to swap for TFT coins and click “BUY”.

Congratulations. You are now a member of the Toon Finance community. Spread the word out.


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