Bitcoin has been dominating the
cryptocurrency market, and this is not new news.  However, this has not left the Bitcoin
untouched by the volatility in the cryptocurrency market.  Like any other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has
its share in price volatility.

Anytime the price of the Bitcoin goes up; it takes the Altcoins along with it for a climb.  Similarly, when the Bitcoin touches the red, the Altcoins as well as touch upon the red lines.  It is a mass influence on every kind of Bitcoin, whether TCAT tokens, Litecoin or ETH.

Several factors influence the
price decision of cryptocurrency, which can be anything from primary demand and
supply, governmental laws, regulations, institutional investment, and a range
of other factors.

The price dominance of the
Bitcoin has been influencing growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.  There is a growing list of cryptocurrencies,
and many of them are making alternative entry points into the cryptocurrency

Anyone who wanted to enter into
the cryptocurrency market would only consider Bitcoin in point of entry.  There are more than 200 cryptocurrency points
that are designed to be better, providing for some decent profits for its investors.  Some of these projects might not work as well
as one would want it to be, but these projects allow pushing in the non-Bitcoin
direction many times. Some investors are looking at a non-Bitcoin experience.

The cryptocurrency markets are advancing, and investors are looking to benefit from highly volatile trends. Despite there are very few tokens that can touch the $1 billion valuations.  There are just a handful of symbols with decent volumes.  Several Altcoins have thinned out in terms of sizes, and some coins which were considered to be very hot are already forgotten, and those coins might never come back to the market in its old glory.

Several small-cap Altcoins have
done well, and they have gained 5%, and this included those like “CHZ,
LINK, CENNZ, BSV, ATOM, CRPT, NEW, BAT, MATIC, and SXP.”  The price of CHZ went up by 18%, and LINK
gained nearly 13%

The flash crash of Bitcoin did
not put a close to the Altcoins.   There
is a significant buyer interest seen for DOGE, and there are an improved buyer
interest and improved volume providing for a belief that this coin can pop up

The NEO is currently showing 20
to 30% gains.  The XRP is as well
expected to provide for a significant run-up immaterial of what its
fundamentals stated.

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