Lynked.World, the blockchain-based technology that allows users to irrefutably verify their personal, educational, and professional backgrounds, has just announced that four elite organizations in India will join dozens of other government and educational intuitions in that country who have adopted the platform. Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited (MTSC) and its e-RAKAM portal, along with Coal India Limited (CIL), and The West Bengal Forest Corporation Limited (WBFDCL), have all joined the legions of other national organizations that have adopted the innovative platform in order to deliver administrative services to their constituents more readily and easily. Lynked.World is a Dutch-based company that offers a blockchain ID verification solution for everyday citizens, employers, higher education administrators, and governments.

MTSC, which is a Miniratna-I company under the Ministry of Steel of the Government of India, will integrate the platform in two key sectors. First, the e-RAKAM portal, which is a joint initiative of MSTC and the Central Warehousing Corporation (CRWC), aims to eliminate intermediaries from the farming and agricultural sector by connecting small, local farmers with international markets. MSTC has developed a unique ecosystem that brings aggregators, logistics providers, and warehousing companies under one umbrella for commercial activities involving the sale of agricultural and forest produce to PAN India buyers through its e-commerce portal. It will use the Lynked.World platform to issue digital ID cards and its e-agri passbook for farmers who participate in the program. The MSTC is a 50-year-old state-owned company that engages in domestic and international trading activity. Its e-auction portal will also implement Lynked.World’s multisig contract feature.

Coal India Limited (CIL), a state-owned undertaking, is the largest coal producing company in the world and a Maharatna Company. It is also India’s second largest government sector employer with more than 300,000 employees and one of the top 20 companies in India by market capitalization (> US$ 20 billion). CIL plans to use the Lynked.World platform to issue blockchain-based digital ID cards to all its employees and vendors.

Meanwhile, the West Bengal Forest Corporation Limited (WBFDCL) is a West Bengal undertaking that promotes manmade forest management and fragile ecosystem conservation. The organization says they will adopt Lynked.World’s solution to manage their ecotourism hotel and guesthouse services at their 18 resorts found at various locations across the state. By using the app, WBFDCL will be able to offer a configurable form feature for guest check-in. They will also implement the platform’s staff digital ID and attendance system. Part of the organization’s operations is to develop and promote sustainable wood-based industries, and WBFDCL will use Lynked.World for e-auctioning dry timber.

Arun Kumar, Lynked.World Founder and CEO, says he welcomes these new partnerships in India. He believes the platform will make administering these organizations’ functions more efficient and effective. “The main aim of our company is to build trust through verification and guarantee authenticity. These things remain elusive even in our digital world today, but Lynked.World harnesses the power of blockchain technology and offers organizations configurable forms and applications so they can overcome the trust barrier and deliver the services they were built for. We are thrilled and honored to partner with esteemed government organizations like MTSC, Coal India Limited (CIL), and The West Bengal Forest Corporation Limited (WBFDCL). We believe these partnerships will be exemplary in establishing the benefits of blockchain technology in resolving issues surrounding trust and authenticity of digital identities, data and digital documents, and will contribute to the mass adoption of such technologies in general to solve a wide range of other prevalent issues.”

Lynked.World is gearing up to launch its public ICO on November 15, 2018, and will offer a 35% discount until December 7. The sale will run through February 10, 2019, with decreasing discounts available until the end of January. The platform is enjoying widespread adoption in India, and these latest partnerships indicate that there will be thousands of new users signing on. The app is available today and can be downloaded by anyone using the App Store or Google Play.

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