• The TIE research results revealed decreasing interest in altcoins.
  • The analysts looked into mainstream media and Twitter posts.

Those who waited for the alt season might be disappointed. Mention of altcoins in the headlines of the media fell to record lows, according to the recent research conducted by The TIE.

“After surging between June and September to an all-time high, mentions of altcoins and altseason in crypto headlines have quickly crashed to an all-time low,” they wrote in a recent tweet.

Notably, this figure was growing strongly from June 2019 and hit the highest point in September 2019.

The analysts of The TIE scanned over 100 headlines from various media outlets, including The New York Times, CoinDesk and the Financial Times.

They also monitored posts on Twitter and concluded that users of the social network have been discussing altcoins less frequently.

“The data doesn’t look good for anything right now” – The TIE Co-Founder, Joshua Frank, said, emphasizing the alarm bells in crypto sentiment data.

The expert noted that Tweet volumes on altcoins dropped by 80-90%, singling the fading interest towards these assets among retail traders. 

Notably, in the end of August, some experts believed that the altcoin season might have been just around the corner. However, looks like something went wrong. 

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