The DMC Foundation, which is a public blockchain project, has announced that the Datamall Chain test network successfully passed close beta test and was launched online on January 31, 2022. Datamall Chain is a super ecosystem-based public blockchain which adopts a matched storage and mining mechanism. Upholding the design philosophy of the existing DeFi decentralized exchange, it aims to provide a global trading platform of matched storage for real storage demanders and suppliers worldwide.

This test network was put online primarily to test and improve the functions of blockchain browser, wallet plug-in development, node operation, hanging order mining, ABO contract development and deployment, and other modules.

Decentralized storage is one of the most important underlying components of Web3.0 today, and Datamall Chain will provide a real trading platform for storage demanders and suppliers. The matched parties can get DMC token incentives by presenting their “storage delivery certificates”. To put it simply, DMC will be a global decentralized storage trading platform. The proof-of-service technology adopted by DMC is a CYFS underlying protocol based on the theory of shared cloud computing. Its basic principle is that “it is only put on the cloud when there is dispute”. In more than 90% of the normal delivery scenarios, no handling charges will be needed, thus truly reducing the cost of decentralized storage and improving the speed of delivery. The CYFS underlying protocol includes an ODD addressing-based decentralized storage delivery protocol, which solves the delay problem of DHT-based decentralized storage systems.

The future ecosystem of DMC Public Blockchain will mainly consist of a series of cutting-edge products, including decentralized storage and mining, decentralized finance (DeFi), metaverse and cloud storage, all geared up to build a real and fair decentralized storage platform.