Ripple is traveling all the way, with several investors holding XRP patiently and believing the company. Some of the community members were inspired by how Brad amazed them with his conscience on the issue of racial discrimination not only in America but throughout the world as the Ripple Company is global. Many thank him as the company is global. 

Brad Garlinghouse tweeted:  “Recognizing and celebrating Juneteenth today. It’s striking how many of us weren’t taught about this historic day growing up. Today, Ripple is making Juneteenth a company holiday to acknowledge and take action to root out systemic racism. This is long overdue.”

Ripple demonstrates inclusion and diversity ranging from the top CEO to the end user.  Interoperability, Diversity, and inclusivity are all in the Core.

Ripple XRP is the preferred base currency for arbitrage trading due to speed, low transaction costs, and scalability.

Ripple XRP the Disruptor

Ripple ranks #28 in CNBC’s Disruptor 50 List of companies who are shaking up their industry and reforming the way they operate.  Ripple is well known in the crypto currency space.

CNBC Fast Money tweeted:  “We’re out with our #Disruptor50, the 50 companies shaking up their industry.  Ripple CEO @BGarlinghouse joins us to discuss how they’re taking on the crypto world.

When questioned on the debut on the Disruptor 50 list to Brad Garlinghouse and on how they are backing their Pay ID, which simplifies how crypto had transferred money in the past Brad stated:

Ripple at its core has been all about internet of value, where they make all of the different networks that really don’t talk to each other interoperable. We all have the experience where you know you asked a friend hey I need to pay you money are you on Paypal, Venmoro, or others. 

He stated that it was as strange as asking someone about their service provider for their phone numbers.  The idea behind PayID, he states is to simplify that ability to send someone the money, and making it as easy as sending an e-mail. I don’t ask someone if you are on Google or Yahoo, I just send an e-mail.

So, PayID enables whether you are a large bank or you use a very successful regional bank if you are an account holder there and I want to send you money it is easy as sending an email.  The idea is that the naming infrastructure should be much more simplified and interoperable.

The Virtual Pay ID Developer conference on June 25, 2020 will have On Board Brad Garlinghouse, Joel Katz and more.

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