Augur V2 Development Update was recently out.  The development of the Augur v2.0 is in its final stages.  The work yet to be completed is UI integrations for services to improve on UK, finding and fixing bugs and making performance tests.

They are further adding the Gas Station Network in order to support ETH-less trading for users.  They are improving on UX around transactions by needing only one currency (DAI).

In terms of Bug fixes, they are going through UI finding bugs. Further testing and improving UX for very important cases. Developers were requested to run a test net development and to submit further bugs to the proper repository.

To facilitate the best user experience, developers were testing trading under different loads so that Augur V2 will be able to handle spikes in activity. Thus, ensuring excellent performance testing.

They were further running a bug bounty for their V2 contracts with as high as $25,000 for identifying critical severity bugs.  Developers were alerted to be on the lookout as Augur stated that they will be soon bountying the templates for market creation.

About 410 issues were closed in the past month out of the 520 commits from 12 authors.  The launch burn down of Augur contributed to making massive programs over the last few weeks.

Sydney Ifergan, The crypto expert tweeted:  “Considering the Augur V2 development and progress update, it is very clear that V2 is on its way soon.  With the UI/UX the expectation is that the market creation and participation will become very easy.”

Augur Update is much needed in Uncertain Market Conditions

The Augur update is considered to be the much needed in a market situation where most of the happenings are uncertain. 

Augur V2 is all set to come around as the world’s most accessible no limit betting exchange.

“DAI is a pegged currency that mirrors the value of the US dollar. 1 DAI is equivalent to 1 USD. Learn more here and earn some DAI for yourself.”

Augur is a social experience as there are site wide chats and comments happening on a per market basis as it is run by their own community of users.

Augur can be accessed on the Ethereum Blockchain no matter where one is or how much they win.

The Forecast Foundation and the Augur protocol do not know “users’ wallet balances, legal names, mailing addresses, social security or national ID numbers, or any other identifying information.”  And, users retain full control of their private keys. Also, Augur cannot freeze or forfeit virtual currency on behalf of law enforcement.

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