NODE IEO on ProBit

The NODE IEO is in the 3rd and final round on ProBit. The small-cap was hit in presale with the hard cap approaching. The IEO is set to sell 40 million NODE at between $.01 – $.015 each. This makes the value of the IEO at approximately $500,000 if the hard cap is reached. NODE already has guaranteed listings including ProBit (where the IEO is taking place).

NODE is excited to announce following their IEO a trading competition will begin immediately. This trading competition has set aside more than 1 million NODE to be awarded to the winners. At the current IEO price, this is competition is worth $15,000.

Deposits/Withdrawals Open: December 23, 2019, 13:00 KST

Trading Begins: December 24, 2019, 10:00 KST

Trading Competition Length: 1st Month

Trading Competition Approximately $15,000 in Prizes (1,000,000 NODE)

ProBit has planned an immediate listing once the IEO finishes December 21st. If you are interested in having NODE to trade before the competition ProBit is the only place to attain them. Trading competitions help drive awareness, volume, and assist in building a community for a new platform and project.

Having a trading competition giving away over $10,000 is a strong move that should yield positive returns for the NODE project as a whole. Trading competitions have previously led to the rise in the price of many cryptocurrencies while also bringing notoriety to them.

ProBit is already prepared to begin their trading competition for NODE once listing occurs (December 23, 2019). The next few months have very exciting news in store for NODE.

Upcoming News: Podcasts, Conferences, Media, Tech Upgrades, iOS, and Desktop

Today, one of the NODE Co-Founders, Jake “The Crypto King” is on one of Crypto’s Top Rated Podcasts hosted by Michael Nye. This is occurring right as the trading competition is beginning. Perfect timing as the IEO completes making sure the majority of the crypto space is focused on a new project, NODE.

Along with podcasts, the NODE team has planned a media blitz and conference tour to build a user base for Pocket Node and to spread awareness about the NODE trading competition. This combined with NODE’s extensive influencer network should provide significant media attention.

The NODE team is also excited to be attending conferences across the globe in the next three months from the United States to India, to many other destinations in Asia and Europe. Conferences provide a platform to explain the benefits of staking and why NODE provides an advantage over other platforms and mechanisms.

With Android already functional and live, iOS and desktop have been in development for some time. However, their release is planned immediately following the IEO in early January. This will open up the Pocket Node market to all those that have Apple devices as well. Traders love to focus on price, but the user base and utility are equally important.

What is NODE?

NODE is the internal token of the PocketNode mobile staking platform. Their strong network, team, and exceptional social media presence has led to significant interest in their IEO and 1-click mobile staking platform.

To speak to the team directly they can be contacted via Telegram, Twitter, and Kakao.

Pocket Node solves the issues of masternode staking on mobile and desktop platforms in one-click with NODE being the internal token of the Pocket Node ecosystem.


The NODE IEO is days away from completion. Following the IEO there will be further listings announced at other exchanges (already confirmed) along with a major trading competition hosted on ProBIt.

The media blitz will begin as the IEO concludes and will continue well through the January trading competition of NODE. Excitedly it will start with an interview between two of the more well-known individuals in the crypto space.

With media lined up, a trading competition planned, and tech upgrades ready to be released NODE seems well positioned for both the short term and long term.

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