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A DCCY Creation Post from Bitcoin Forum


On December 18, 2019, a creation post about DCCY was published at the world-renowned BTT (bitcointalk) forum.

Mr. Nakamoto first launched the Bitcoin whitepaper on the BTT forum a decade ago, making BTT (bitcointalk) a popular global Holy Land for geeks. The top talents of all fields are gathered here. Each event happening here deeply affects the development of the block chain world.

Today the poster said he comes from the DC Alliance, a new era organization whose members are all from the Dark Web. They launched a new generation of public chain and announced this revolutionary moment to the whole world. This post is detailed in its full technical advantages and a wide range of applications.

In just two hours, the post became a hot topic in the forum, but some still questioned its performance.

But then James, a member of the Bit Foundation, stepped forward to express his admiration to DCCY by quoting copiously.

James, you know, is a veteran of the Bit Foundation. He witnessed the growth of Bitcoin from its emergency to its soft and hard fork. There is no root-free thing in this world, so what’s the charm of this DCCY? Suddenly there is a wide spectrum of opinions in forum. Some say it’s the re-declaration of war of Silk Road, while others say it’s the reappearance of members of the old grand league.

At the same time, Mr. Bander, a member of the Ethernet Foundation, stood up and pointed out that the current problem of public blockchain was too formal and paid much attention to the pursuit of test data rather than the possibility of application.

Two giant foundation members supported DCCY strongly, which instantly detonated the entire Bitcointalk forum. The last time when I experienced it was ten years ago.
The event continues to ferment, so what exactly is the DC Alliance and what is its connection with the two Foundations? The mystery behind DCCY is worth looking forward to and pursuing.